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Hackamore Brewing Company - Chanhassen, MN

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Hackamore Brewing Company

18651 Lake Drive E
Chanhassen, MN 55317

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Caution ⚠️ There’s a brewery taking shape. 

These winter months may get you down, but there’s hope on the horizon:  Hackamore beer! We’re working hard to make that happen. 

We can’t wait to meet you all!

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☑️ Free beer ☑️ Free golf ☑️ Members only perks!!

That’s right, with only two weeks left to get your Hackamore Beer Club membership, we wanted to remind you of the special benefits beyond the beer and golf perks!

Each member will receive a Hackamore duffel bag filled with exclusive merchandise. In addition, you receive 20% off private-branded Hackamore merch for life! (10% off for life for Tier 2 and 3).

Want bigger beer? Beer Club members also get Club pours—that’s 20oz pours for the price of 16s! Available for every tier. (excludes high-gravity pours, obviously)

Tier 1 members also receive one free crowler per month AND an opportunity to Brew-A-Batch event with up to ten friends. Make something special to put on tap with one of our brewers!

All tiers are also invited to our monthly members discount night and early access to bottle releases for life! 

Whew! That’s a lot of perks!

Hurry, memberships close for good on February 15th!

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We can’t wait to get this mash tun fired up and ready for some brewing!

So who’s gonna volunteer to help with the grain out? 😆🪣

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