Favorite Craft Beer:

His favorite craft beer style would be any Lager and he can be found sipping a pint of Banshee Cutter, on nitro, from Insight Brewing.

Erik Eidem

Creative director

Erik has been within the creative sphere of the craft beverage industry for the past five years. A photographer, videographer, and licensed drone pilot, Erik is currently leading the creative vision of Hackamore Brewing.

Local to Minneapolis, Minnesota, Erik has collaborated with over eighty breweries across the world, highlighting the people and stories that make each place unique with his Brewing Spotlight Series (under the social handles @thebardofbeer and @eidemvisualmedia). He has been a home brewer for the past twenty years.

Prior to working in the craft beverage industry, Erik specialized in television as a film producer and writer in Los Angeles, CA.